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At Sapelo Management, we specialize in providing comprehensive management and consulting services to the pharmaceutical industry, ensuring our clients achieve excellence in all aspects of their operations. Our expertise spans across various domains, enabling us to support pharmaceutical companies in navigating the complex landscape of healthcare and regulatory requirements.

Our expertise,
Your advantage.

Strategic Consulting 
We offer strategic insights and guidance to help pharmaceutical companies optimise product line, pricing, specifications to meet or exceed specific market needs in regions where they wish to do business.

Regulatory Compliance
Our team provide A to Z advisory service for your company to meet all regulatory requirements for each country that you operate in, minimising risk of fines and penalities.

Supply Chain Management 
We streamline supply chain processes to ensure timely and cost-effective delivery of pharmaceutical products.


Quality Assurance 
Our quality assurance services help maintain the highest standards of product safety and efficacy throughout your entire production process.


Market Access
We assist in navigating market access challenges, ensuring your products reach your target markets quickly and efficiently.

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Leon Li  (principal)

Your Partner in Global Pharmaceutical Excellence

Founded in 2019, Sapelo Management Sdn Bhd is driven by a simple mission: to enhance veterinary professionals' access to high-quality pet pharmaceutical products. To do this, we advise pharmaceutical companies and developed internal expertise in the initial CONCEPTUAL RESEARCH, FORMULA DEVELOPMENT, and PRODUCT COMMERCIALISATION of pet nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals, supporting both our own innovative projects and those of visionaries who need a helping hand launching their products.


Why Choose Sapelo Management?

Our team consists of seasoned professionals with extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry.


Tailored Solutions:
We offer customized solutions that meet the unique needs and challenges of each client.


Global Perspective:
With a deep understanding of international markets, we assist clients in expanding their global footprint.


We utilize the latest technologies and methodologies to drive innovation and continuous improvement in all our services.


Our commitment to client satisfaction ensures we deliver results aligned with your business goals.

Our Story


First product completed research, development. Source and filtered multiple contract manufacturers to begin the commercialisation process. Trademark and license applications submitted for domestic and foreign markets.


Launched two new products to serve both cat and dog owners.  Establishing subsidiaries in the Middle East, Japan, Korea and Turkey.


Trademark registered. Continued R&D to improve our first product with collaboration from Research institutions in Malaysia and China.  Expanded sales and marketing team to include overseas employees. Sales in foreign markets grew by 18% monthly, established subsidiary in Thailand.


Establishment of company owned manufacturing facility with GMP certification. Formation of subsidiaries in Spanish and Portuguese speaking Latin America countries including Colombia, Peru, Brasil, Chile.


Company grew to 22 staff, including R&D team, operations team, sales and marketing team, accounting and finance team.  Subsidiaries established in Indonesia, and the Philippines, as well as Germany and the USA.


Exited for undisclosed amount.

Our Clients

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